Dan Campsall

Dan and Kerstin are the leaders of Witney Community Church and oversee the West Region of churches. Dan and Kerstin

Together we go

‘West Oxfordshire is Too Small’The powerful story of Scripture follows a people who are often on the move, following a God who is always pressing forward. Abraham left his home, the Israelites followed the cloud, the early church was marked by missionary adventure. Wherever they went, they took something with them; the identity and culture of a people who know their God.We believe that we are called to keep moving forward. In our roots is a call to be a pioneering people who refuse to settle as long as God is continuing to move.

The Big Ask

'The Big Ask' is a phrase commonly used in sport, or in business; we might also use it in asking a massive favour from one of our neighbours. It means that we understand the challenge that they face, we perceive how hard it might be for them to succeed or the extra demand that it will place on them. The mission of the church is a Big Ask, a daunting challenge of apparent impossibility, but do we understand it and how can we enjoy it?