Steve Thomas

Steve Thomas leads the International team for the Salt & Light family of churches, and is also the overall apostolic leader of Oxfordshire Community Churches.He travels widely, bringing apostolic input and teaching to local churches and leadership teams in the UK, Europe and other nations. Steve is married to Lorraine and they live in Oxfordshire. They have five grown-up children.

Can these bones live?

God specialises in reviving broken people, and pouring life even into nations that appear to have no hope. So can God revive unbelieving UK and secular Europe? Or other nations beset by war or famine? For that matter, how can we find fresh hope for friends and family to know God? God’s threefold answer to this tantalising question will challenge our faith, prayer and action!

The Glory of Christ

Many Christians are excited by the supernatural, envisioned by purposeful Christian living, but sometimes move away from the centre of everything, which is Christ Jesus himself. Songs like “it’s all about you, Jesus” or “I’m coming back to the heart of Jesus” point us in the right direction. The centre of the Christian life is Christ himself, and God wants the nations of this world to be captivated by the glory of Christ. This humble man, who turns out to be the image of the invisible God, is a great teacher, a wonderful Saviour, a glorious risen Lord, and a majestic, coming King.