West Region

We are part of a family of churches across Oxfordshire and in particular we work closely with the churches in the West Region. We believe that we are stronger when we work together. We are part of Oxfordshire Community Churches and work closely together with a group of 4 churches in the West part of Oxfordshire and beyond. Our vision is:

to transform communities through releasing resources, training leaders and planting churches

As a family of churches we are stronger together than we are apart, there are many things we do together including:  

  • Training - we work together in areas including prophetic development, emerging leaders, emerged leaders, worship, evangelists and bible teachers.
  • Worship Central - practical equipping for worshippers and worship leaders. We have done worship events, song writing workshops and much more.
  • Year Team - In Sept 2015 we will be launching a year team called "Intrepid" for anyone 16+ who wants to take a year out for God.
  • Theology - we run a theological forum and send people for theological training at Kings Theology where we offer flexible part-time theological training with an emphasis on ministry and application. 
  • Youth- we regularly draw together our youth from across the region for adventure days, scavenger hunts, worship and much more!